About Willow: Willow experienced the trauma of losing her family after they were killed for Christmas dinner. When she found her way to sanctuary she had plenty to adjust to, but soon began to take delight in her new space and enrichment toys, and bravely met many new people who she's since embraced as friends. Willow likes to keep busy, but has learned to relax from time to time, especially when encouraged by her chicken pals. 

Willow and Levi are stall mates and have a cordial relationship. While they enjoy each others company, they're yet to attain full BFF status. 

History: Willow became a part of our Wallflower family in December of 2020 after being spared from being killed for Christmas dinner because she was smaller than her 8 other friends, who very sadly had their lives taken.

Willow was taken into the hands of a compassionate family who kept her safe and reached out to us. 

Willow's forever home is Wallflower now and she is quite happy to enjoy her days surrounded by her many pals. 

Favourites: Spending time with the chickens, Levi, perching new places!

Willow’s mantra: “Embrace new things bravely”