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Tofu and Nora


About Tofu and Nora: Tofu and Nora are an opinionated but happy pair, often audible from a distance, honking their two-cents to passerby’s or in reference to farm ongoings. Regardless of his bad-boy reputation, Nora remains a steadfast companion to Tofu, who has developed himself a “security guard” persona at the sanctuary. Aside from maintaining farm lookout, Tofu and Nora’s interest can also be caught by floating treasures or treats in their water bucket or pool. 

History: Tofu arrived with his previous mate Veda after spending a year of their lives at a petting zoo, and subsequently being sold online as Christmas geese (for someone’s Christmas dinner). At this sale they were rescued by a couple who fell in love with them, but did not have appropriate means to house them. Their owners were evicted, which resulted in Tofu and Veda being confined to a car garage and then a dog crate for many weeks. We were then contacted and Tofu and Veda finally landed at their forever home here at Wallflower with plenty of space to enjoy. Tofu remained at Veda’s side while she went through a trying battle and treatment for an arthritic related injury. She was euthanized in June of 2019, which triggered a depressive episode in Tofu, and set us on the lookout for a new mate for Tofu.

Enter Nora, who was rescued in September of 2019 after being posted in a farming facebook group for free. Her family was looking to get rid of her after already disposing of her mate who became aggressive, as geese may sometimes out of endearment for their flock. We wish we could have had the chance to save Nora’s mate, too. The stars aligned to bring Nora to safety though, a widowed goose looking for a partner to go on with, just like Tofu. 

The difference Nora made in Tofu has allowed him to recover from his past loss and live every day with honking enthusiasm. We are thrilled by this match for both geese involved! 

Favourites: Juicy green grasses, a splash in the pond, the official security guard handbook. 

Tofu and Nora’s Mantra: “Not on our watch!”

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