Sponsor a Structure

Help Wallflower Sanctuary ensure our residents are safe and comfortable through sponsoring a structure build!

Sponsor a Small Barn

Make a donation of $2000 to sponsor a barn build for Wallflower Sanctuary's smaller residents

Our immediate small barn needs include a new Potbelly barn to safely house a small group from our potbelly family, among many other barn needs! We are looking for sponsors to make barn purchases for Wallflower-- We'll do the building! 

If you are able to support a small barn purchase, your donation would make a great difference in progressing the mission of Wallflower Sanctuary. Send us an email! 

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Sponsor an Awning

Make a donation of $1000 - $2000 to add an awning to Wallflower Sanctuary

Awnings are building additions to current structures which provide added shelter from the elements, as well as a cozy place to nap while enjoying the fresh air. 

Our immediate awning needs include an awning addition to Mu the potbelly's private barn. 

Able to add a sun room to one of our resident's homes? Get in touch! 


Sponsor a Fence

Make a donation of any size to contribute fencing to Wallflower Sanctuary

Fencing is an ongoing project at Wallflower, as well as an important part of keeping our residents safe. Your support with the costs of fencing would allow for us to contract fence installation, saving Wallflower's team a lot of time, and ensuring quality fencing that will last. 

Able to contribute to a fencing project? Get in touch! 

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Sponsor a Goat Play Structure

Make a donation of $1000 to sponsor the build of a play structure for our goat residents!

Our goats are always busy, grazing, jumping, exploring! Help us enrich their yard with a new enrichment structure. 

Send us an email to contribute to a new goat play structure. 


Sponsor a Large Barn

Make a donation of $8000 - $ 10,000 to purchase a large barn for Wallflower's residents

Wallflower Sanctuary's immediate large barn needs include a geriatric centre for Calvin and Atticus, our oldest and largest big pig residents. A large barn will allow them space to safely exercise indoors on even and supportive ground. 

Your support with a large barn build would be the biggest help in allowing us to give the best lives possible to our sweetest big pigs. Able to help? Send us an email! 

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Sponsor a Barn's Siding

Make a donation of $250 to sponsor an existing barn's siding at Wallflower Sanctuary

Help protect our existing barns from the New Brunswick elements to lengthen their longevity! 

If you're able to contribute to siding a barn, your help would be so much appreciated! Send us an email. 


Wallflower Sanctuary's Barn Fund

Contribute to Wallflower Sanctuary's barn fund, an ongoing fund to purchase our highest priority barn needs!