About Spike: Also known as Speckles, Spike is Billie and Mama’s son. His best friend is Homer, who he enjoys spending time with since they are both around the same age and energy level. He loves to wander, graze, and soak up the sunshine. Spikes dislikes include being bossed around by his dad, Billie.

History: History: Mama, Billie, and Spike were surrendered to Wallflower by their previous caretaker, an elderly lady, who couldn’t keep up with their care needs. For a while an effort was made to have volunteers go to their old home and help with cleaning and maintenance, but in the end we opted to have them join our Wallflower family, so we could ensure their care and love!

Favourites: Homer, Mama, Billie, fresh hay

Spike’s Mantra: “Everyday is a good day to explore!”