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About Rocket: Rocket man, the guy with the cutest smile and deepest "maaaa". Rocket has the sweetest overbite that shows off his pearly teeth (perhaps as a constant reminder to keep the treats coming). He's happy to hang out in the communal areas to be around others, a privilege he feels quite entitled to. 

History: Rocket was our very first goat at Wallflower Sanctuary. He was a victim of a hoarding case close to the sanctuary in New Brunswick. The winter was remarkably cold that year, we'd had multiple weeks of -40°C. Rocket was living unfenced in a makeshift home made with tarps and bales of straw. The living conditions were very rough, Rocket resorted to grazing on trees for food. We're not sure exactly how old Rocket is, but he was clearly an older goat even at the time of rescue-- we hate to think he had been enduring these conditions for a while. Rocket was named in honour of our BoD member Danielle's goat Rocky, who had passed away around the time Rocket came to his forever home. 

He yelled a lot when he first arrived, and it became apparent that he may be lonely. We kept an eye out and soon discovered Homer being sold as livestock. We soon brought Homer home to Wallflower too, and the pair have gotten along like long-lost brothers since. 

Favourites: Homer, bananas, celery, carrots, special treatment.

Rocket's Mantra: "Graze where the grass is tall and the friends are plentiful!"

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