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Potbelly Pig

About Ravioli: Ravioli is a very cool guy. 214lbs on intake, this fellow has been enjoying all aspects of his life at Wallflower, excluding his new diet regimen enforced by the humans. He loves people and spends all day napping on his bed in front of the food barn, soaking up the sun and watching his caretakers work. If you look closely, you may spy his best friend Clementine the cat tucked in next to him, too. Ravi takes periodic breaks from his lounging post to knock over any garbage cans that may have mistakenly been left upright by Wallflower’s care team. He’s also quite helpful at locating the turkey food, an entree he is continuously denied (but that doesn’t stop him from inquiring). Ravioli’s favourite part of his nighttime routine is watching movies in his stall with his roommate Bertie the kingpin rooster. 

History: Ravioli came to us late 2020 when Wallflower heard about his case and knew we had to help. Ravioli’s family was facing eviction due to having a potbelly pig. He was fed a few too many snacks, so his first months at Wallflower will include more exercise and less calories, so we can ensure his health long-term. After Ravioli arrived we noticed many similarities between him and Petunia, and after some research, we have confirmed that the two are half-siblings! They have the same dad and different moms, and were born only one month apart! Ravioli and Petunia are the second set of siblings to be coincidentally reunited at Wallflower.  

Favourites: Snacks, Clementine, Bertie, going for walks 

Ravioli’s Mantra: “If you can’t reach it, knock it over!”

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