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About Poppy: Poppy is the biggest sheep of the sisters, and is the self-proclaimed "leader of the pack".  Poppy loves dogs, and visits by farm dog Illy are warmly welcomed by all of the sheep. Poppy has a particular interest in dogs though, and excitedly rushes to put her face to Illy's, still with some outstanding work to do on boundary-respecting, as far as Illy is concerned. 

History: Poppy and her two sisters, Perry and Rue, were rescued from a situation of neglect in New Brunswick in the summer of 2019. Concerns were raised by a number of local individuals, who noticed various sheep and goats being tied up to tires in a field, during the heat of the summer, with very limited water and no shelter from the sun. We were first able to negotiate the release of the twin sisters, Poppy and Perry, and were later able to return after Rue's release was negotiated, also. When they arrived at Wallflower we were concerned for their ligaments as they were tethered tightly and tangled, still as young sheep in their developmental stages. Luckily, all three sheep grew up to be healthy girls at Wallflower Sanctuary. 

Favourites: Dogs, her sisters, Homer (the sheep's BFF). 

Poppy's mantra: "Always greet your friends with excitement!"

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