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Potbelly Pig

About Petunia: Small, rotund, a petite package of punch! Petunia is on the smaller side in comparison to her other potbelly co-residents, and works hard to maintain her respect amongst the others. This sweet little gal will be the first to greet you in the potbelly hangout, and you just might gain a shadow for your upcoming journeys. Currently Petunia is key busy in her heard-hierarchy debacle with her brother, Ravioli. 

History: When we met Petunia her name was Peppa Pig. She was from a breeder and given away for free to a home with a family farm to live at. At around 3 months old, she began to go into heat and proved problematic in the home (as potbellies usually do when they begin heat). Three to four months of age is the most common age we hear of issues beginning at, which often leads to pigs being passed around from home to home. The most common time we get pigs is around three months old, for this reason. Petunia arrived shortly after her now best friend, Begonia. 

Favourites: Belly rubs, Begonia

Petunia's Mantra: "Brave things come in small packages"

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