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Penelope Ann


About Penelope: Penelope specializes in being a boss. She is the only girl in her field, and also the smallest, weighing 525lbs. This bold girl lives life on her own terms. Also known as Penelope Shark, she's been known to enforce her boundaries with a chomp (pats behind the ears, for example). 

Penelope has the most fantastic eyelashes which she loves to bat, like the princess that she is. She also has many dietary restrictions. Her meals consist of mostly fruit, and she eats an extensive supplement cocktail daily to ensure her comfortable longevity. 

Penelope was un-paired at Wallflower before her best friend Forrest arrived. Since Forrest has been old enough to live with her, her moods and outlook have improved. We're so happy she opened her heart to Forrest, he is a pretty irresistible guy! 

History: Penny was rescued as a four week old piglet from a farm where she was going to be killed because she was the runt of the litter. Penny's mom, Mary Ann, rescued her and raised her in her home, with her mother Chris who also helped to take great care of piglet Penny. They knew though, that they wouldn't be able to keep her when she grew bigger, so Penelope was placed at Cedar Row farm sanctuary in Ontario temporarily while they looked for a home. Penelope, Atticus, and Calvin actually all made the trip from Cedar Row in Ontario to Wallflower Sanctuary together in a large transport truck. They are a huge part of our Wallflower family. 

Favourites: Forrest, tearing up blankets, whipping blankets around (it brings her so much joy), her jolly ball on a rope

Penelope's Mantra: "Don't tell me what to do!"

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