Meet The Pigs


Big Pig

About Atticus: Atti is a gentle giant. Our biggest wallflower, weighing 700lbs, standing handsomely at 4-4.5ft tall. He is assertive, outgoing, and takes the cake at Wallflower for jumping the fence to explore other interests. He loves his people and "checks in" periodically when you're working in his field, by coming over and gently pressing his snoot to your face. Atticus truly has "no mean bones", he'll love you surely, but head scratches could definitely help seal the deal. He loves to be tucked in at night with his brother Calvin, where he enjoys his bedtime belly rubs, sweetly. These brothers have a no-door-policy (self-regulated). Even on the coolest nights, they prefer to be doors-to-the-wind (believe us, we've bargained). The cozy warmth of each other is all they prefer.

History: Atti and his brother Calvin were two of four piglets released into the halls of a bustling high school, spray painted "senior prank". At only four weeks old, the four frightened piglets were rescued by Shavon at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary in Lakeside, Ontario. Atticus and Calvin spent their first year of life at Cedar Row (learning very good manners). The two other piglets, Atticus and Calvin's sisters, were adopted to safe homes. Atticus and Calvin's bond is undeniable, and these brothers know they are home, safe, and so loved at Wallflower.

Favourites: His brother Calvin, anything or anyone (unless you're a mushroom or a turnip).  

Atticus' Mantra: "Family is everything"


Calvin aka Boobers

Big Pig

About Calvin: Calvin is a shy guy, but he'll always look at you with a smile. He weighs 650lbs and is shorter and plumper than his brother Atticus. He loves to stretch and yawn while he enjoys scratches and love from his humans. Calvin is Wallflower's illusive mud-monster. Out of his fellow wallflowers, he spends the most amount of time in the mud. He has the shortest hair too, so on sunny days he enjoys his mud puddles lavishly. 

History: Calvin and his brother Atticus were two of four piglets released into the halls of a bustling high school, spray painted "senior prank". At only four weeks old, the four frightened piglets were rescued by Shavon at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary in Lakeside, Ontario. Atticus and Calvin spent their first year of life at Cedar Row (learning very good manners). The two other piglets, Atticus and Calvin's sisters, were adopted to safe homes. Atticus and Calvin's bond is undeniable, and these brothers know they are home, safe, and so loved at Wallflower.

Favourites: His brother Atticus, snoozing

Calivn's Mantra: "Slow and steady wins the race"



Big Pig

About Penelope: Penelope specializes in being a boss. She is the only girl in her field, and also the smallest, weighing 525lbs. This bold girl lives life on her own terms. Also known as Penelope Shark, she's been known to enforce her boundaries with a chomp (pats behind the ears, for example). 

Penelope has the most fantastic eyelashes which she loves to bat, like the princess that she is. She also has many dietary restrictions. Her meals consist of mostly fruit, and she eats an extensive supplement cocktail daily to ensure her comfortable longevity. 

Penelope was un-paired at Wallflower before her best friend Forrest arrived. Since Forrest has been old enough to live with her, her moods and outlook have improved. We're so happy she opened her heart to Forrest, he is a pretty irresistible guy! 

History: Penny was rescued as a four week old piglet from a farm where she was going to be killed because she was the runt of the litter. Penny's mom, Mary Ann, rescued her and raised her in her home, with her mother Chris who also helped to take great care of piglet Penny. They knew though, that they wouldn't be able to keep her when she grew bigger, so Penelope was placed at Cedar Row farm sanctuary in Ontario temporarily while they looked for a home. Penelope, Atticus, and Calvin actually all made the trip from Cedar Row in Ontario to Wallflower Sanctuary together in a large transport truck. They are a huge part of our Wallflower family. 

Favourites: Forrest, tearing up blankets, whipping blankets around (it brings her so much joy), her jolly ball on a rope

Penelope's Mantra: "Don't tell me what to do!"



Big Pig

About Forrest: Forrest is a simple man. 600lbs heavy, he has outgrown his BFF Penelope. Forrest is the first to try to play and the last to head out to the field (he usually follows a close 15 minutes behind the others, after every bowl has been checked for remaining morsels). He is very motivated by food and loves his treats, which he characteristically sucks back through wet o-shaped lips opened to the side (its very cute).

History: When Forrest was only 3 weeks old, he fell off of a transport truck onto an Ontario roadway, where he was scooped up by a motorcyclist. He made it to Sanctuary in Ontario at Cedar Row farm sanctuary, and was soon after driven to his forever home at Wallflower here in New Brunswick. 

Forrest was the youngest piglet we've raised at Wallflower yet. Watching him grow up in Sanctuary with freedom to express himself, to explore, and root around, mud to roll in, and with sunshine to enjoy, we know this is the life he is entitled to. Whether he knowingly jumped or luckily fell from that farm truck that day, Forrest is a survivor of an industry that slaughters and consumes his fellow people for food. When we named Forrest, we chose "Forrest" in honour of his family of piglets just like him, who too deserved a life of love. He is one tree, and there are a forest of souls like his that he honours in life everyday. 

Favourites: His green bucket, treats, Penelope 

Forrest's Mantra: "Everything is A-Ok"



Big Pig

Mable is the most recent intake at Wallflower Collective along with her brother, Stewie. Mable is expectedly 5 years old and from PEI. Mable is close with her brother and they are often close in proximity to one another. 

Favourites: Stewie, pumpkins, ear pats

Mable's Mantra: "Hey, what's going on over there?'"



Big Pig

Stewie is one of the most recent intakes coming along with his sister, Mable. Stewie is expectedly 5 years old and came alongside his sister, Mable. Stewie is a friendly and gentle guy that comes when his name is called. 

Favourites: Mable, pumpkins, talking to him, ear pats

Stewie's Mantra: 'I'm gonna test this fence!'



Big Pig

Vanjie was pardoned due to having one ear and brought her sister along with her. Vanjie is a Tamworth pig. Vanjie is spunky and is in a pack with Willy, Alaska, Maverick and Kimchi. 

Favourites: Alaska, Maverick, food

Vanjie's Mantra: "Miss Vanjie.... Miss Vanjie' 



Big Pig

Alaska was brought alongside her sister, Vanjie. Alaska has big floppy ears that waddle when she runs. Alaska loves humans and hanging out with her friends Maverick, Willy, Kimchi and her sister, Vanjie. 

Favourites:Vanjie, Maverick, Willy, food

Alaska's Mantra: "HIEEEEEEE'



Big Pig

Willy used to be our neighbors pig but broke lose and eventually began staying with us full time. Willy is highly food motivated and will be sure to put his snout into every one of his pals bowls. Willy gets along swimmingly with Alaska, Vanjie, Maverick and Kimchi. 

Favourites: Vanjie and Alaska, food of any kind, laying in mud. 

Willy's Mantra: 'Gimme gimme gimme more gimme more' 



Potbelly Cross

My name is Maverick and I came from a loving guardian. I used to be an indoor pig. It took 4 people to get me into the transported car. That and some donuts. I am the pod boss of the pot bellies. I can be seen hanging out with Vanjie, Alaska and Kimchi. Willy and I have a love/hate relationship. I am stand-offish at first but will now lay down for belly rubs with my human friends. I enjoy laying in the mud. 

Favourites: Vanjie and Alaska, laying in mud, belly pats from his favorite people. 

Maverick's Mantra: "I'm just chilling with my pals'



Potbelly Pig

My name is Kimchi and I was previously going to be sold for meat. That's when some kind people stepped in and gave me a second chance at life. I am a shy guy with inviting silvery eyes. I am in the process of being socialized by my human pals. My sisters are Katara and Korra. I have transitioned well into general population and have made good friends with Willy, Maverick, Alaska and Vanjie. Peanut and I are still working out our love/hate relationship. 

Favourites: Being with his pig pals, pumpkins. 

Kimchi's Mantra: "look into my eyes'

kimchi 3.jpg


Potbelly Pig

My name is Peanut and I spent a lot of time out in the Sun at my previous home. Therefore, my skin is crunchy, but don't let that deter you as I love pats and belly rubs. I came to Wallflower Collective when my previous home could no longer care for me. I'm known as the guy who;s everybody's bestfriend. Except for Kimchi, we're still working out our relationship. My favourite place to sleep is in Vanjie and Alaska's barn, but don;t worry, they're cool with it. I'm a bit of an under dog. This holiday, I want to make a new friend. Will that be you? 

Favourites: His basketballs, sunbathing, pats of any kind. 

Peanut's Mantra: "I live my like like a caterpillar, slow and steady'



Potbelly Pig

I'm Walnut and I am quite small.  I am the nervous and shy one who requires some patience and encouragement to come out of my shell.  

Favourites: Mom, food. 

Walnut's Mantra: 'The little guy finishes first'



Potbelly Pig

About Hazel: A very sweet darling with a fierce spirit, Hazel loves nothing more than quality time with her chosen Wallflower caregivers. She likes to stay in-the-know with the barn ongoings and welcomes coexistence with friends of all species. 

Hazel is known for her especially cute face and snoot. 

History: Hazel arrived at Wallflower in the summer of 2021 from the NBSPCA. She arrived extremely obese and with health challenges. Her rehabilitation has since seen so many small victories. Encouragement and care from her Wallflower team make Hazel more comfortable and healthy every day.  

Favourites: Caitlyn, quality time, a cozy nest

Hazel's Mantra: "If you believe you will achieve" 



Big Pig

My name is Yvie and my previous guardian gave me away as they didn't expect me to be a big pig. It is up in the air what breed of pig I am. I am bestfriends with Henri. I am a vocal girl who will surely be heard near feeding times. I spend my days darting back and forth between the barn and the outdoors, keeping an eye on everything. I have a lot of high energy and live with the older residents in the barn, though I will be moving in with the pot belly pigs as soon as I am big enough to not break out of the pot belly area. 

Favourites: Henri, exploring, food, belly rubs.

Yvie's Mantra: 'Is it dinner time yet?'



Potbelly Pig

About Maple: A sweet lady who loves to steal the show, Maple was our very first pig at Wallflower. Maple loves to wander and enjoy a good day at the farm. 

History: Maple and her brother Charlie spent their first two years at Wallflower indoors, cozied up around the fire with the dogs. Maple was a sensitive baby and preferred lots of heat. Soon though, they became ready to join the outside crew and transitioned to their cozy barn. Maple and Charlie had a falling out, it happens, and now Maple spends her days quietly exploring with her bestie Heartly. At her mature weight Maple weighs 100lbs. 

Favourites: Humans, Heartly, sunny days. 

Maple's Mantra: "When in doubt, add dramatic flare!"




Potbelly Pig

About Charlie: A very tender gentleman. He has a cute stripe on his nose and a dot on his head. Quiet, calm, and always the last one out of bed, this chill guy is everybody's favourite. He'll topple over for a belly rub and stay for a hoof trim, an event only him and Ravioli will tolerate without restraint. 


Charlie is Maple's full brother. For their first two years at Wallflower, Charlie and Maple lived inside. Charlie likes to live the quiet life and can often be found in a patch of sunshine dreaming away.  Charlie is the patriarch of the potbelly herd and keeps all of the others in line, he rules with a tender heart. 

History: We discovered Charlie was Maples brother when we saw him on kijiji bouncing around from home to home, with the same birthday information as our Maple. After seeing him re-homed three times online, we said enough was enough and went and picked him up to bring him home, finally. When he first arrived, he spent one whole week just sleeping in his cozy blankets and settling into his new home. 

Favourites: Jubejubes (he's allowed two jubejubes weekly, since he absolutely loves them. He chews and chews). 

Charlie's Mantra: "Everyday is a good day"



Potbelly Pig

About Mu: Usually in-his-own-world or keeping an eye on the humans, mister Mu is a demanding but sweet prince.

Mu is actually bilingual, as he spent the first four years of his life in Quebec with a french-speaking family. He enjoys furthering his linguistic knowledge using a radio in his barn set to the french station, where he listens intently to keep up on his fluency.


Mu isn't a pig-person (or a sheep or goat person), he much prefers the company of his human caretakers, so he has a barn of his own to sleep at night. At bedtime if you're a little late to tuck him in, he's probably already taken care of the tucking himself, snug as a bug. This grand guy knows just what he likes and how to get it. 

History: Mu was originally purchased as a "mini pig" at a farmers market in Quebec. 200lbs on intake, Mu evidently is not "mini" (this is a common misconception about potbellies and leads to a lot of un-homed pigs). Mu was raised into apartment living, and after going through six evictions over four years, it was official, Mu was not a good fit for apartment life. He eventually ended up at animal control, and after a frightening three day stay, he was able to be released on the condition of him going to sanctuary. Wallflower was contacted along the way by Mu's grandma in New Brunswick, and Mu finally found his forever home at Wallflower with lots of space to be free, suited just for him. 

Favourites: His barn, cozy blankets, Missa

Mu's Mantra: "If you wan't it done right, do it yourself"



Potbelly Pig

About Petunia: Small, rotund, a petite package of punch! This sweet little gal will be the first to greet you in the potbelly hangout, and you just might gain a shadow for your upcoming journeys. Currently Petunia is busy in her heard-hierarchy debacle with her brother, Ravioli. 

History: When we met Petunia her name was Peppa Pig. She was from a breeder and given away for free to a home with a family farm to live at. At around 3 months old, she began to go into heat and proved problematic in the home (as potbellies usually do when they begin heat). Three to four months of age is the most common age we hear of issues beginning at, which often leads to pigs being passed around from home to home. The most common time we get pigs is around three months old, for this reason. Petunia arrived shortly after her now best friend, Begonia. 

Favourites: Belly rubs, Begonia

Petunia's Mantra: "Brave things come in small packages"


Begonia June aka BeggyJay

Potbelly Pig Cross

About Begonia: Miss Begonia is part Guinea Hog, so she looks a bit darker and furrier than the other potbellies. She is the most active of the group, a very curious girl, running from one place to the next, inquiring.


This brave girl is also notably loud, in fact the loudest calling for breakfast or dinner. She can scream and run on-the-go, which sounds like a squeak on-and-off as her body tumbles. She certainly does not like to be asked to wait before a meal. 

History: Begonia was in an unstable living situation, as she lived in a small apartment with a family who would be evicted if their landlord knew they had a pig. Begonia was not spayed so made a quite moody entrance, but she soon settled into sanctuary life and has been the most energizing lady since! 

Favourites: Putting her snoot on things, adventure. 

Begonia's Mantra: "If you're not first, you're last!"



Potbelly Pig

About Ravioli: Ravioli is a very cool guy. 214lbs on intake, this fellow has been enjoying all aspects of his life at Wallflower, excluding his new diet regimen enforced by the humans. He loves to relax and spends all day napping on his porch, soaking up the sun and watching his caretakers work. If you look closely, you may spy his best friend Zinnia tucked in next to him, too. Ravi takes periodic breaks from his lounging post to attempt escape from his yard in the hopes of knocking over any garbage cans that may have mistakenly been left upright by Wallflower’s care team. He’s also quite helpful at locating chicken food, an entree he is continuously denied (but that doesn’t stop him from inquiring). Ravioli’s is one of Wallflowers most refined foodies.

History: Ravioli came to us late 2020 when Wallflower heard about his case and knew we had to help. Ravioli’s family was facing eviction due to having a potbelly pig. He was fed a few too many snacks, so his first months at Wallflower will include more exercise and less calories, so we can ensure his health long-term. After Ravioli arrived we noticed many similarities between him and Petunia, and after some research, we have confirmed that the two are half-siblings! They have the same dad and different moms, and were born only one month apart! Ravioli and Petunia are the second set of siblings to be coincidentally reunited at Wallflower.  

Favourites: Snacks, Zinnia, going for walks 

Ravioli’s Mantra: “If you can’t reach it, knock it over!”



Potbelly Pig

About Zinnia: A very happy and sweet girl, Zinnia loves to enjoy each day to the fullest. Whether she's taking a stroll, sleeping soundly somewhere cozy, or keeping watch of the happenings around the barn, she's always happy to be interrupted for affection from her caretakers. Ravioli is her BFF and partner in crime. When the pair aren't closely monitoring the sanctuary humans, they're likely cuddled up for a nap. 

History: Wallflower was contacted by one of our veterinary partners about a young pig who was unwell and whos humans had requested euthanasia.  Would we take her? Heck, yes! Given a second chance at life Zinnia took her new zest for life to a whole new level when she launched herself into the air while running and broke her arm.  Under normal circumstances this sort of fall wouldn't have caused a break but for poor little Zinnia's (who had previously been raised on rabbit food and dill pickle chips) bones they didn't stand  chance.  Zinnia was the first pig in Atlantic Canada to have Orthopedic surgery to repair the break and now 2 years later you wouldn't know it to see her!

Favourites: Ravioli, snoozing in the sun, Missa

Zinnia's Mantra: "A comfortable nook is never far if you know where to look"



Potbelly Pig

About Chance: Chance has begun coming out of his shell at Wallflower and is a really sweet and beautiful boy. Chance's spirit remains high despite his health challenges, we're so proud of his progress so far. 

History: Chance was seized from his home of three years where he had been living indoor in an apartment setting. He was purchased young as a pet and soon outgrew his family's ability to suitable house and care for him. Chance is "fat-blind" (325lbs on intake) and has mobility challenges and obesity due to his sore feet-- his hooves were severely overgrown on intake. Chance's rehabilitation journey has been intensive and encouraging, we can't wait to see this special guy continue to heal and flourish at Wallflower. 

Favourites: Missa, cozy blankets, a good massage 

Cance's Mantra: "Anything is possible with a little help from friends" 



Potbelly Pig

Hi, I'm Henry and while I may be little, I make up for it with my boisterous energy. I came to Wallflower Collective when my previous home could no longer keep up with me. I enjoy belly scratches. I am in a bonded pair with my pal Calvin. I was Chance's first friend.

Favourites: Calvin, exploring. 

Henri's Mantra: 'Man on a mission'



Potbelly Pig

Hi i'm Calvin and I'm a shy little guy. When people come toward me I get anxious and run away. Please be patient with me as I engage in the process of socialization. I am in a bonded pair with my pal, Henri. He's extraverted, i'm not.  We balance eachother out.

Favourites: Henri, cuddling with Henri, a quiet environment. 

Penelope's Mantra: 'Shy Guy TM'

calvin 1.png


Potbelly Pig

A man of many names, me, Gavin, AKA BooshBear, Booshy, Gambino, and so on, could teach the coldest of hearts about the wonders of pigs. I am a very sassy man who was rehomed to my forever mama after my previous human could no longer care for me. I can almost always be found by my mom's feet, waiting for belly rubs and treats. Loud and mischievous, I am like a toddler who can find just about anything to get into. From garbage to the entire contents of your backpack, I want it and 9 times out of 10 I will get it. I am the world's okayest big brother to my many siblings. I prefer to be the center of attention and will find always find a way to be the star of the show. I graced social media as a man on the run when I decided the yard could no longer contain me and he broke a gate to run around a main road.

Luckily, a few shakes of my kibble and I will always run home to the comforts of a spoiled city pig.

Favorites: His mom Emilie, cuddling on the couch, being the drama

Gavin's Mantra: Are you gonna finish that?

Middle name: Buckley



Potbelly Pig

My name is Iggy NS i am a recent addition that was rehomed from another farm due what they described as a "biting problem". It turns out I have a tendency to bite men's legs which my previous home felt made me incompatible for a therapeutic farm. Luckily for me and also my parents, this means I fit in perfectly with our all queer, mostly female human residents! Here at Wallflower we admire a pig with a little extra Umph and my parents look forward to watching me fight the patriarchy one leg at a time.

Favorites: To be discovered

Iggy's Mantra: They call you a risk, I call you a feminist

Middle Name: Wawa



Potbelly Pig

My name is Hedwig, better known as Heddy and I am a perfect, visually impaired, little beauty with a lot of personality. I am mama Emilie's first official pig, and boy what a special bond we have.

I came from a farm that had little knowledge of pigs, and their goal was to use me for breeding purposes. However due to my anxious personality and vision problems, they chose to

rehome me. I am the spunkiest girl in all the land with magical half blue half brown eyes and a smile that could kill. I can often be found screaming at the top of my lungs directly

in my siblings faces, just to ensure that they know I am there! However, they could never forget me. I strut around the house looking for treats and the occasional scratch behind the ear.

I am known for her luscious mohawk, which is often how pigs display happiness! As the first female pig in their home, I hold a very special place in my rescuers heart and I am so loved.

Favorites: Bananas, being wrapped up like a burrito, screaming

Heddy's Mantra: Heddy girl is a beautiful girl, she's the prettiest girl, in the whole wide world (also comes in song form)

Hedwig's Middle Name: Maxwell



Potbelly Pig

My name is Clover and I am the baby girl of the family. I came to Wallflower Collective after another animal rescue reached out to my rescuers about a tiny pig who wasn't adjusting to barn life. In my previous home, I was tormented by a toddler

and a dog, and was eventually confined to a small room on my own. Luckily, the human recognized this was not in my best interest and released me into the care of Lailo farm and Sanctuary. Emilie and

Jess had been asked to help unload a 4 month old pig while they were there trimming some piggy hooves. When they left Lailo that day, my little pink face was stuck in their minds. They talked about me every day and by the following weekend, I was home for good! I adjusted to life like an absolute princess. Though I love my pig siblings, on the couch next to mom is where I truly want to be. I am the most gentle pig of my group and cares only for comfort, love, and snacks. Lots. Of. Snacks.

Favorites: Having her ears and butt cheeks cleaned, standing next to whomever is getting attention so that she may also get attention

Clover's Mantra: All bodies are beach bodies

Middle Name: Wilde



Potbelly Pig

Hi, I'm Bonnie and I embody exactly what it means to be a place of sanctuary for those in need. After being messaged about a lonely pig in Musquodoboit, Jess acted quickly to arrange for me to come into their care.

They weren't sure yet exactly where this pig would go, how they would pay for me, or what condition I was in. What they knew was that I needed saving, and they were going to save me.

Jess arrived to find out I had been left alone on several acres with no friends or family, after my humans moved away. They had locked me in a chicken coop next to a carcass, and Jess had to

physically lift me into the car. I arrived to their home trembling and malnourished. I slept in the bush, rain or shine, for several days despite having access to a warm house and two warm barns.

Then one day I started to trust my rescuers and my transformation was quick and beautiful. I can now be found cuddling my siblings or my, dubbed "husband" Erik. I eat from my rescuers hands, happily

accepts ear scratches, and love to sleep indoors. However, here at Wallflower, they'd have loved me just as fiercely if I never left the bush.

Favorites: Sunbathing, cuddling her man, a fresh bale of hay

Bonnie's Mantra: Everyone deserves a second chance at life

Middle name  Bonita



Potbelly Pig

Hi, my name is Ponyo and I am a young male pot bellied pig who melted hearts when someone who loves me very much reached out for help after my barn flooded. I had been badly injured, due to a severe slip and fall during Hurricane Fiona and required immediate and lifesaving medical intervention. When another vet suggested I be euthanized, my rescuers sought out a second opinion. They all agreed that I was not finished living. I received only the second orthopedic surgery ever performed on a pig in the Maritimes, the first also being a Wallflower resident! Though I still hop on three legs, I am CRUISING! I have now moved inside and sleep in my own room on my own couch. My rescuers love my spunky personality and if I always hops on three legs, my rescuers are more than okay with that.

Interesting Fact: Ponyo's middle name was chosen after his biological daughter, Sipu passed away shortly after birth.

Favorites: Intense belly scratches, biting crocs, napping

Ponyo's Mantra: Try and stop me!

Middle Name: Sipu



Potbelly Pig

Hi, I'm Katara. Two of three, I am the feistiest of the group. Due to lack of one-on-one attention, I was very anxious and did not want to be pet, let alone caught. I evaded my rescuers for half an hour before they were finally able to pick me up and put me in the car. "Easy done" they thought, but Katara had other plans. For, I then jumped fully through a partially open car window, to the ground, and took off running. I had my rescuers chasing and falling for me before they even knew me. My zesty attitude didn't end there. Over the next week while my rescuers attempted to gain my trust, they were bitten and bleeding with every interaction. Whenever food was around, I ate ferociously and fearfully, as if I'd experienced food scarcity and

hunger. Finding out I too, was also pregnant, was worrisome. My previous litter had one healthy piglet and one disabled piglet, (Who is luckily thriving in her new home). So, the solution was easy, treats all the time for a while! Then I became confident that there would always be food in my belly and someone safe and kind nearby. Soon I even gave my rescuers permission to pet and scratch me.

I'm blossoming every day.


Favorites : Apples, picking on her sister, the sound of mom's voice


Katara's Mantra : Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times

Middle Name : Aang



Potbelly Pig

Hi, I'm Korra. Tiny but fierce, I was one of a three pig rescue. My parents were on high alert to this trio after a post on social media was made stating if the pigs were not rehomed, we would be "Going in the freezer".

This was not something my parents could accept so we made arrangements to have all three of us removed from their care. Little is known about my handling from my previous life but I was very scared and incredibly small. I also previously had a litter of 3 piglets, all healthy, who had been adopted out. I may also be pregnant again. Now my parents wait, and prep themselves for the likelihood of piglets any time. Now that I am safe with my newfound family, this will be my last litter. I will spend my days relaxing, sunbathing, and getting belly rubs, which I have come to know and enjoy quite a lot.

Favorites : Belly rubs, cuddling her sister, the sound of mom's voice

Korra's Mantra : Been pregnant for way too long, now tell the DJ turn it up

Korra's Middle Name : Asami



Potbelly Pig

My name is Erik, also known as "Big Erik", and I was the pig that started it all, (and thoink goodness for that). adopted my parents in 2016 at a farm when I decided I deserved a life as a city boy.

For 4 years, I was an only, but incredibly spoiled, child. In my adult years, I love to remind you that pigs shouldn't be on diets as I begs for treats, despite my big round belly.

With less to snack on, I now spend most of my days cuddling my siblings and my bonded mate, Bonnie. In my off time, I can be found screaming at absolutely any closed door. As a certified grump,

I tends towards quiet women who visit.

Favorites : Silence, pretty ladies, sunbathing

Erik's Mantra: I was here first

Middle Name : Oliver


Hi I'm Acorn and I came to Wallflower Collective along with my brother from PEI. I have only been with my new forever home for a short period of time. I am in the process of becoming socialized and am quite shy and nervous of humans. Out of the trio, I am the smallest of my mates. I enjoy snooting around, cuddling with my pack and feed time. Will yo be my sponsor?

Image (17).jpeg