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Potbelly Pig

About Mu: Usually in-his-own-world or keeping an eye on the humans, mister Mu is a demanding but sweet prince.

Mu is actually bilingual, as he spent the first four years of his life in Quebec with a french-speaking family. He enjoys furthering his linguistic knowledge using a radio in his barn set to the french station, where he listens intently to keep up on his fluency.  

Mu isn't a pig-person (or a sheep or goat person), he much prefers the company of his human caretakers, so he has a barn of his own to sleep at night. At bedtime if you're a little late to tuck him in, he's probably already taken care of the tucking himself, snug as a bug. This grand guy knows just what he likes and how to get it. 

History: Mu was originally purchased as a "mini pig" at a farmers market in Quebec. 200lbs on intake, Mu evidently is not "mini" (this is a common misconception about potbellies and leads to a lot of un-homed pigs). Mu was raised into apartment living, and after going through six evictions over four years, it was official, Mu was not a good fit for apartment life. He eventually ended up at animal control, and after a frightening three day stay, he was able to be released on the condition of him going to sanctuary. Wallflower Sanctuary was contacted along the way by Mu's grandma in New Brunswick, and Mu finally found his forever home at Wallflower with lots of space to be free, suited just for him. 

Favourites: His barn, cozy blankets, Missa

Mu's Mantra: "If you wan't it done right, do it yourself"

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