Roles: Founder, Executive Director, Animal Care Coordinator

Contact: Email

Missa’s love of animals started when they were very small (her first word was “dog”). Since that time, Missa has gone on to found Wallflower Sanctuary and care for numerous animals, including cats, dogs, pigs, sheep, chickens, goats, turkeys, geese, quail, bunnies and guinea pigs. 

She’s dedicated to supporting the animals (and humans) at Wallflower to flourish by helping to create a safe place for individuals to be themselves because she’s committed to fostering a world where no matter what body you are born into, individuals are seen and valued.

When Missa isn’t supporting Wallflower in her role as our Executive Director and the chair of the Animal Care Committee, she likes to listen to murder podcasts, drink coffee and learn about astrology and has become known for her sweet dance moves and silly songs, amongst the Wallflower family.



Roles: Volunteer Coordinator

Contact: Email

Mona Finkelstein’s love of animals started when she was a child then increased when she was exposed to farmed animals at a sanctuary near home. Since that time, Mona has gone on to care for numerous animals, including ones normally found at farmed animal sanctuaries. 

She’s dedicated over 9 years to helping and supporting sanctuaries in Ontario and New Brunswick by volunteering her time and experience in recruiting volunteers who happily dedicate their time to help Wallflower where the animals thrive, flourish, grow, feel safe, and receive the best care. This includes human friendships made through the volunteer program.  Mona is committed to fostering a kinder world and giving back to her community, whether in Ontario or New Brunswick.

When Mona isn’t supporting Wallflower in her role as our Volunteer Coordinator, she is also a dedicated mother to 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren plus a circle of wonderful like-minded friends. Visiting nearby sanctuaries is her great way of relaxing and feeling at peace. Her other hobbies include art crafts, playing her guitar and enjoying nature walks with her rescue dog, Bandit.  Mona has become known for her friendliness, sense of humour and definitely her love for all animals, including the Wallflower family, which I hope to meet one day soon.