Missa (she/them)

Missa is the founder and co-creater of Wallflower Collective, which they established in 2017. Missa has a strong work ethic and adopts a ‘do it yourself’ approach, often spotted constructing various structures from previously used materials. Although Missa loves all animals, Missa considers pigs to be her heart animal. Missa’s wish for the organization is to provide refuge for all who needs it.


Mads (they/them)

Mads always knew they wanted to help others and is in the process of becoming a counsellor. Mads has several years of experience fostering kittens and cats, as well as caring for many other animals growing up. Mads looks forward to a community-based approach to providing care for their pals. Mads is the photographer and a social media person behind the scenes.


Jenna (she/her)

Jenna had always loved animals and had a deep desire to help those in need. Here at Wallflower Collective, she shines! She’s committed to learning all the ins and outs of farm-life, while building an art brand that helps lots of our animal friends. Being a green farmer won’t hold her back.


Emilie (she/her)

Emilie and her caregivers personality were destined for animal rescue from the very beginning. She’s longed for a life of simplicity where she can learn and teach others to be kind, self-sustaining, community-based individuals, geared toward shaping a better tomorrow.


Jessica (she/her)

Jess grew up loving all animals but always had a special connection to pigs and often talked her moms ear off, begging to get one. 6 years ago her dream to get a pig came true and boy, has she ever made up for lost time. At 8 pigs now, Jessica decided to unite with the Wallflower Collective so they could change the world together, one snout at a time.