Potbelly pig

About Violet: Violet is our first pink potbelly resident, joining our Wallflower family in early 2021. While settling in to a new home (and certainly, such a lively one) is always a process, Violet is a powerful lady and has met the transition with great bravery! She has begun to develop friendships with Ravioli and Zinnia, and loves a good stroll to visit 'The Hobbits', Merry and Pippin the chickens. 

History: Violet made her (wild at times) entrance after her previous owner of three years was unsuccessful in her rehoming attempts. The transition was frightening and she also dealt with the stress of prolonged periods of being in heat because she was not spayed and her hormone cycle was irregular. She has since been spayed and she is feeling much better. 

Violet was born in 2018 and is actually full sister to Charlie and Maple. That's right, we've now taken on responsibility to provide lifelong care and sanctuary for three potbellies from the same breeder. This speaks volumes to the recklessness of the exploitative and unsustainable "potbelly / mini-pig" breeding and pet industry. To potbelly pig "owners" or those considering- As always Wallflower remains a resource to the community for information on farmed animal care from compassionate and experienced sources. We are always open to questions! 

Favourites: Visiting the hobbits (chicken crew), sunbathing on her patio, her Wallflower humans. 

Violet's Mantra: "Life is short, enjoy the sunshine" 

Note- Violet has found a loving adoptive home through our placement program.