Potbelly pig

About Maple: Sweet Maple is the matriarch of the potbellies. Maple develops fat blindness in the winter and spends each summer slimming down. She can't see well so she can be aggressive around food, but she's the first to meet you at the gate in the morning in wait of breakfast. Her weird tradition of pressing her snoot gently on the back of Missa's legs and just... breathing... is one of the cutest things about her. 

History: Maple was the very first pig to join the wallflower family. we saw Maple posted on kijiji for free and messaged the seller to warn them of the dangers of posting a pig for free (slaughter, abusive homes). Maple came to sanctuary soon after to assume reign of her kingdom. 

When she first arrived, Maple needed lots of reassurance. We shared nighttime storybook readings until she was comfortable. She spent her first two years of sanctuary inside the human house, soaking up cozy cuddles with her brother Charlie (and bossing him around). Maple dislikes Petunia.

Favourites: Treats, Charlie

Maple's Mantra: "A queen should never have to wait for food... or eat broccoli"