About Mama: Mama is really a quite lovely lady unless you’re Mu the potbelly. While Mu and Mama have some unresolved differences, she is a very loving and responsible mother to Billie and Spike. Mama is happy to take care of her family, never wandering far from her herd to ensure everyones safety. She has the softest coat which she lets us pet occasionally, while probably leaning next to her caregiver nibbling lightly on their clothes. We’re happy to finally provide Mama with the security and safety she deserves to carry on grazing with her pals. 

History: Mama, Billie, and Spike were surrendered to Wallflower by their previous caretaker, an elderly lady, who couldn’t keep up with their care needs. For a while an effort was made to have volunteers go to their old home and help with cleaning and maintenance, but in the end we opted to have them join our Wallflower family, so we could ensure their care and love! Mama is a great mother to Billie and Spike.

Favourites: Spike, Billie, the sheep, her special pink bucket 

Mama’s Mantra: “No man gets left behind!”