About Levi: An affectionate and gentle-spirited girl, Levi’s awareness and desire to connect with others is striking. If you’re looking for Levi you can usually find her hanging out with her flock of chicken friends, perhaps snuggled asleep feather-to-feather, or more likely somewhere in your trail, wandering around amongst the farm bustle. If you’re lucky she just may find a warm seat on your lap, which could be encouraged if you give her scratches in just the right spot on her chest. Aside from loving cuddles and all her friends at the sanctuary, Levi also feels quite strongly about raspberries, her favourite special snack.  

Levi has been awarded the title of 'Everyone's Best Friend' at Wallflower, which speaks to her outgoing nature and sweet personality. 

History: Levi was rescued in 2018, days away from Thanksgiving-time slaughter. Like most animals grown for meat, Turkeys have been bred to grow much larger than they would naturally, often growing significantly larger than the weight that their bones are able to support. 

Favourites: Raspberries, quality time. 

Levi’s mantra: “Anywhere the sun shines is a good spot for a nap”