Johnny Cash

Muscovy Duck

About JC: Now Johnny Cash, formerly Frank and more formerly than Frank, Ross, this man of many names has a large reputation to live up to! While this gentleman can appear quiet and unassuming at times, don’t let his sweet face fool you. Once you’re out of sight, JC will likely attempt a swift navigation to Tofu and Nora’s, to share in some important honks and squabbles. We’ve encouraged a more peaceful approach to their business deliberations, but we’ve been asked to not question their process. 

Since Johnny Cash has some trouble at times remaining peaceful with his duck and goose co-residents, we are actually on the lookout for the perfect forever home for this fine man. In the meantime he’s working on his “people skills” safely at Wallflower Sanctuary.

History: Johnny Cash came to us when Cherry Brook Zoo closed. We have tried to adopt mister Cash out to loving homes, but he has a track record of getting himself returned. Thats okay though, his weird-ways fit in well in the meantime at Wallflower. 

Would you make a good forever home for Johnny Cash? Contact us! 

Favourites: flying, debate

JC’s Mantra: “If you can’t go around it, go over it!”