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About Forrest: Forrest is a simple man. 600lbs heavy, he has outgrown his BFF Penelope. Forrest is the first to try to play and the last to head out to the field (he usually follows a close 15 minutes behind the others, after every bowl has been checked for remaining morsels). He is very motivated by food and loves his treats, which he characteristically sucks back through wet o-shaped lips opened to the side (its very cute).

History: When Forrest was only 3 weeks old, he fell off of a transport truck onto an Ontario roadway, where he was scooped up by a motorcyclist. He made it to Sanctuary in Ontario at Cedar Row farm sanctuary, and was soon after driven to his forever home at Wallflower here in New Brunswick. 

Forrest was the youngest piglet we've raised at Wallflower yet. Watching him grow up in Sanctuary with freedom to express himself, to explore, and root around, mud to roll in, and with sunshine to enjoy, we know this is the life he is entitled to. Whether he knowingly jumped or luckily fell from that farm truck that day, Forrest is a survivor of an industry that slaughters and consumes his fellow people for food. When we named Forrest, we chose "Forrest" in honour of his family of piglets just like him, who too deserved a life of love. He is one tree, and there are a forest of souls like his that he honours in life everyday. 

Favourites: His green bucket, treats, Penelope 

Forrest's Mantra: "Everything is A-Ok"

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