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Potbelly Pig

About Charlie: A very tender gentleman. He has a cute stripe on his nose and a dot on his head. Quiet, calm, and always the last one out of bed, this chill guy is everybody's favourite. He'll topple over for a belly rub and stay for a hoof trim, an event only him and Ravioli will tolerate without restraint. 

Charlie is Maple's full brother. For their first two years at wallflower, Charlie and Maple lived inside. Charlie dislikes mushrooms and the forceful direction of his bossy sister. Their bond though, is undeniable. If you listen (or even try not to) their noisy conversation can be heard from the pig field, squealing back and fourth amongst each other as they walk. 

History: We discovered Charlie was Maples brother when we saw him on kijiji bouncing around from home to home, with the same birthday information as our Maple. After seeing him re-homed three times online, we said enough was enough and went and picked him up to bring him home, finally. When he first arrived, he spent one whole week just sleeping in his cozy blankets and settling into his new home. 

Favourites: Jubejubes (he's allowed two jubejubes weekly, since he absolutely loves them. He chews and chews). 

Charlie's Mantra: "Everyday is a good day"

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