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Potbelly Pig

About Chance: Chance has begun coming out of his shell at Wallflower and is a really sweet and beautiful boy. Chance's spirit remains high despite his health challenges, we're so proud of his progress so far. 

History: Chance was seized from his home of three years where he had been living indoor in an apartment setting. He was purchased young as a pet and soon outgrew his family's ability to suitable house and care for him. Chance is "fat-blind" (325lbs on intake) and has mobility challenges and obesity due to his sore feet-- his hooves were severely overgrown on intake. Chance's rehabilitation journey has been intensive and encouraging, we can't wait to see this special guy continue to heal and flourish at Wallflower. 

Favourites: Missa, cozy blankets, a good massage 

Cance's Mantra: "Anything is possible with a little help from friends" 

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