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About Calvin: Calvin is a shy guy, but he'll always look at you with a smile. He weighs 650lbs and is shorter and plumper than his brother Atticus. He loves to stretch and yawn while he enjoys scratches and love from his humans. Calvin is Wallflower's illusive mud-monster. Out of his fellow wallflowers, he spends the most amount of time in the mud. He has the shortest hair too, so on sunny days he enjoys his mud puddles lavishly. 

History: Calvin and his brother Atticus were two of four piglets released into the halls of a bustling high school, spray painted "senior prank". At only four weeks old, the four frightened piglets were rescued by Shavon at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary in Lakeside, Ontario. Atticus and Calvin spent their first year of life at Cedar Row (learning very good manners). The two other piglets, Atticus and Calvin's sisters, were adopted to safe homes. Atticus and Calvin's bond is undeniable, and these brothers know they are home, safe, and so loved at Wallflower.

Favourites: His brother Atticus, snoozing

Calivn's Mantra: "Slow and steady wins the race"

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