About Billie: A demanding guy with advanced stealing skills and master-escape planning. If the goats are ever making a break for it, you can be sure Billie will be in the front of the line, proudly leading his procession (Mama in the middle, Spike trailing behind). He can be pushy and a major pain, but his enthusiasm and dedication to his own missions certainly keeps life interesting in the goat and sheep field! 

History: Mama, Billie, and Spike were surrendered to Wallflower by their previous caretaker, an elderly lady, who couldn’t keep up with their care needs. For a while an effort was made to have volunteers go to their old home and help with cleaning and maintenance, but in the end we opted to have them join our Wallflower family, so we could ensure their care and love!

Favourites: Bossing everyone around, treating every day like an escape-room.

Billie’s Mantra: “Someone’s got to be the boss, I elect me!”