Kingpin Chicken

About Bertie: A palm-sized yellow ball of fluff when he arrived, it was evident from the beginning that his spirit would not be confined to his chicken-shell. A true explorer, Bertie is fearless at Wallflower, no crevice too daunting or overturned food bag too dark. If you're looking for Bertie, follow the little chirps, you'll probably find someone feathered in the breakfast barn. 

History: Bertie was rescued from the food industry where he would have eventually become a meal. Due to his breed, he has an insatiable appetite that must be restricted to prevent him from obesity and subsequent joint-issues.

As a person bred for human-consumption, Bertie's genetics encourage him to grow large quickly, past the weight that his bones will be able to support long-term. We are vigilant about keeping him well exercised and clean-eating to ensure this chirping sweetheart a long, comfortable life. 

Favourites: Levi (though sometimes unreciprocated), snacks he somehow discovered... again! 

Bertie's Mantra: "The path less travelled usually has crumbs"