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Potbelly Pig x Guinea Hog

About Begonia: Miss Begonia is part Guinea Hog, so she looks a bit darker and furrier than the other potbellies. She is the most active of the group, a very curious girl, running from one place to the next, inquiring. This brave girl is also notably loud, in fact the loudest calling for breakfast or dinner. She can scream and run on-the-go, which sounds like a squeak on-and-off as her body tumbles. She certainly does not like to be asked to wait before a meal. 

History: Begonia was in an unstable living situation, as she lived in a small apartment with a family who would be evicted if their landlord knew they had a pig. Begonia was not spayed so made a quite moody entrance, but she soon settled into sanctuary life and has been the most energizing lady since! 

Favourites: Putting her snoot on things, adventure. 

Begonia's Mantra: "If you're not first, you're last!"

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