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About Atticus: Atti is a gentle giant. Our biggest wallflower, weighing 700lbs, standing handsomely at 4-4.5ft tall. He is assertive, outgoing, and takes the cake at Wallflower for jumping the fence to explore other interests. He loves his people and "checks in" periodically when you're working in his field, by coming over and gently pressing his snoot to your face. Atticus truly has "no mean bones", he'll love you surely, but head scratches could definitely help seal the deal. He loves to be tucked in at night with his brother Calvin, where he enjoys his bedtime belly rubs, sweetly. These brothers have a no-door-policy (self-regulated). Even on the coolest nights, they prefer to be doors-to-the-wind (believe us, we've bargained). The cozy warmth of each other is all they prefer.

History: Atti and his brother Calvin were two of four piglets released into the halls of a bustling high school, spray painted "senior prank". At only four weeks old, the four frightened piglets were rescued by Shavon at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary in Lakeside, Ontario. Atticus and Calvin spent their first year of life at Cedar Row (learning very good manners). The two other piglets, Atticus and Calvin's sisters, were adopted to safe homes. Atticus and Calvin's bond is undeniable, and these brothers know they are home, safe, and so loved at Wallflower.

Favourites: His brother Calvin, anything or anyone (unless you're a mushroom or a turnip).  

Atticus' Mantra: "Family is everything"

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